Jan 11, 2011

Gary's Place: U-Pick Blueberries 60¢/lb

Originally posted August 29, 2010
I don't care for blueberries, but I had fun picking berries with a friend and our kids at Gary's Place yesterday. I'm not a big fan of doing things I had never done before (yes, I currently lead a sheltered life), so going to a berry farm was out of my norm. I had passed Gary's last year and noticed the blueberry bushes right along the road and took mental note and then forgot. Thanks to Frugal Living and Heather for reminding me!

We will be going back today since my daughter wants to see more farms and I need more berries for jam. The blueberry bushes are over 30 years old and they are wonderful--easy to pick from! If you are interested in a nice outing that is completing kid friendly and will not break the bank head out to Brush Prairie and spend time in the blueberry bushes!

Gary's Place: 17509 NE 182nd Ave, Brush Prairie, WA 98606 Ph: 360.254.6126
As you are heading north, you will come to a 3-way stop in Hockinson--Gary's Place is about a mile north on the right. BTW~lots of yard sale signs up yesterday for sales today.

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